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is the official language of Viaalara, a country that is now part of United Imaginary Islands.



Viaalara Alphabet.

While they use this for everyday conversations, they use the Western alphabet for foreign names and for counting.

Forming WordsEdit

Words are clustered in three parts: Uppercase, Middle case, and Lowercase. All vowels are the middle case. Consonants can either be upper or lowercase. They are combined into a single character which is actually a combination of three characters. Sometimes you can just use one or two of the characters.

Falkimy (Beautiful) – a combination of (uppercase) falk + i + (lowercase) my
Trra (I / Me) – a combination of (uppercase) trr + a
Alara (Direct object marker) – a combination of a + (lowercase) lara
Rissedy (Sing) – a combination of (uppercase) risee + (lowercase) dy


Pattern 1: Subject + Direct Object + Particle (alara) + Action or Predicate.
Ex. I sing a song. Trra risee alara riseedy. (I + song + alara + sing)

Pattern 2: Subject + Action + Particle.
Ex. I am singing. Trra riseedy alara. (I + sing + alara)

Pattern 3: Root word + Suffix = Adjective or Adverb.
Ex. Beautiful. Adjective: Falkimy (beauty + my), Adverb: Falkibby (beauty + bby)

Pattern 4: Xeao (please) / Myowong (don’t) + Verb.
Ex. Please sing. Xeao riseedy. ; Don’t sing. Myowong riseedy.

Pattern 5: Wong (negative word) + Noun / Verb / Adjective.
Ex. Not singing. Wong riseedy.

Ownerships use the following: Azrof for non-pronouns and Zrof for pronouns & names.
Ex. Trrazrof (Mine), Hnozrof (Your), Kazaki Azrof (Kazaki’s), etc.

Root words are added –dy for making them verbs.
Ex. Risee (song) Riseedy (sing)

Example sentencesEdit

Goodbye, my friend. – Ilara, trrazrof arisee.

I want to understand this world. – Trra trravia uvia zrofhn-dy bbyu dyuxea.

As you can see, zrofhn (understand) is the root word, and to make it a verb, we add –dy, but place it in the next cluster in the uppercase. The same rules apply for all verbs like this, which end in lowercase. For words ending in middle case, simply add –dy as the lowercase.

Night changes to day. – Falkorisee-bbyjn laraotrr-dy uvia falkmy-obby-via.

Now we see some words with compound clusters, such as falkorisee-bbyjn (night); this is normal for Viaalara as it has a limited alphabet. Usually, complex words will be longer than these. A dash (-) is used to separate compound clusters of the same word, or when you add a suffix to a word which already ends in lowercase.

Official FontEdit

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