UI2 map.

UI2 (United Imaginary Islands)
is a group of imaginary islands in Kazaki's fictional world. They are made up of many countries, such as Enidouka and Ravania.

The islands started from a huge volcanic eruption, splitting a huge island that was as huge as Australia, into two separate islands. The first one was Enidouka, or the Sun Island, due to it's sun-like circular shape. The second one was Ravania, also known as the Moon Islands, due to it's crescent moon-like shape.

Ui2 plane

A special airplane for trips to UI2 from the real world.

Civilization of the two islands began during 1021 B.C., when the first Enidoukans established their city called Kasaguru, which is now West Shuza. While in Ravania, a small community called Friesk, full of moon flowers. Since then, many communities appeared, then turned into Kingdoms, and finnally, into states.

Current CountriesEdit