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Tarkaflia is the language used by some residents (artificial Moon Angels) of the moon (Luna), especially in the dark hemisphere.

Usage and HistoryEdit


Tarkaflia alphabet.

It was also used by human spellcasters and was thus called the ‘language of magic’ during the era of Moon Angels, part of Kazaki's stories. It was based from and bears heavy similarities with Lunaria, the official language of the moon.


Forming numbers are the same as in English.
Example: 1 and 0 = 10 (ohwo) 10, 2 and 0 = 20(tohwo) 20, etc.

Verb Forms

Each verb is added either a prefix or suffix for the verb forms:












can do







Example: tu which means love












can do







Sentence ExamplesEdit

Here are some sentences. Take note that En means I and Yam means you.

I love you/I am loving you. = En turri Yam.

I loved you. = En tul Yam.

I will love you. = En tuf Yam.

I do not love you. = En natu Yam.

Don’t love me. = Nultu En.

I can love you. En kettu Yam.

I want to love you. = En tuteru Yam.

Love me. = Turre En.

Basic PronounsEdit

En = I

Yam = You

Eona = We

Yamna = You (plural)

Tila = They

Kit = It

Hera = He

Fera = She


is = e (to form is, was, and will be, use the table above, e.g. er = is and el = was)

the = der

a/an = al

and = ten

plulral form = -s + last vowel of the root word (e.g. stella means star, stellasa means stars)

direct object = wel

of = ol

possessive/ownership suffix = -nullo (e.g. Ennullo means mine)

adjective suffix = -lar

(e.g. dufu dufu means beauty, dufular means beautiful)

adverb suffix = -rla

(e.g. dufurla means beautifully)

Writing DatesEdit

2024 Jan 18 = 2024uen 1kil 18lei (tohwotofouen okil odzolei)

More example sentencesEdit

You are beautiful. = Yam er dufular/Yam dufular.

You were beautiful. = Yam el dufular/Yam dufulal.

I want to live. = En eifleteru.

I can live. = En keteifle.

I am not happy. = En nahappyar.

I am happy. = En happyar.

Don’t be sad. = Nulseltor.

Why are you sad? = Wia Yam seltor?

I will love you forever. = En tuf Yam zertiya(rla).

You are my hope. = Yam er Ennullo nie.

Be my hope. = Ere ennullo nie.

Will you be my hope? = Yam ef Ennullo nie?

Yes, I will be your hope. = Lar, En ef Yamnullo nie.

Lexicon (Dictionary)Edit

English Tarkaflia
A/An Al
Always Zeryua
Amber Ambrerar
And Ten
Angel Annely
Beauty Dufu
Become Real Hemo Wiela
Believe Telzuka
Better Tezlel
But Ma
Center Sentre
Close Kluwensse
Constellation Seluttafa
Cotton Kwutia
Create Karofta
Dance Mawtera
Darkness Torr
Day Diella (Lei for dates)
Despair Lamo
Difference Tefelisa
Direct Object Wel
Discard Deskola
Earth (planet) Terra
Eat Fen
Else Slep
End/Finish Finnuta
Envelope Maltufa
Face Neimi
Fall Farika
False/Fake Olufakar
Feel Felia
Fill Femra
Fire Talyu
Fly Torula
Food Fenpu
For Fis
Forever Zertiya
Free Eferuta
From Tir
Future Meryna
Give/Bring Olye
God Stara
Goodbye Saratula
Happiness Happya
Hate Tomfyero
He Hera
Hear/Ears Tyru
Heart Harta
Hello Teraluka
Hope Nie
I En
Ice Ifleish
In Nia
iris Firairya
It Kit
Lake Lyka
Lan Zwi
Life Eifle
Light Tolyua
Love Tu
Magic Mafika
Maybe Kepet
Memory Taluta
Miracle Nafluka
Month/Moon Kil
Moon Angel Annely ol Kil
Music Manfa
Night Nuella
No Rut
Nothing Nanel
Old Fanar
Only Yelmi
Pain Meiki
Paradise Paradiso
Peace Wellara
Pray Tellysha
Pure Puror
Reflect Rifitala
Return Rakifer
Rise Umera
Sadness Selto
Save Salva
Say/Speak/Mouth Krei
Sea Molla
See/Eyes Fira
She Fera
Sing Manfira
Sit Softur
Sky Iries
Smile Yrkara
Soula Spirit
Sound Tormo
Star Stella
Stillness Fisara
Suffering/Agony Ely
Sunray Dielfor
Surely Towrun
Swan Swie
Tear Lakrima
The Der
They Tila
This Telle
Thought Samfa
Time Nurla
To Helle
Today Farkysa
Tomorrow Taluka
Touch Tufa
Transcend Tolkafura
Trust Neluli
Understand Tarussia
Vague Wiguar
Walk Fala
Water Nomonto
We Eona
When Olfa
Who Hua
Why Wia
Wind Uwigo (vigo)
Wish Ne
With Onta
World Mur
Year Uen
Yellow Yuluar
Yes Lar
Yesterday Difykela
You Yam
You (plural) Yamna

Official FontEdit

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