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Sky Language is the official language of Sky Country, a country within United Imaginary Islands. Also based from Hymmnos.



Sky Language Alphabet.

The Sky Language alphabet is made mostly of western characters, but with different symbols. Vowels are added like macrons or accent graves.


Vowel Clusters

Forming vowel clusters.


To form a vowel-consonant cluster:
For example, the letter B (see image).

Word ClusteringEdit

All words are paired/clustered into twos. When the last word is left alone, merge it with the previous cluster. The last letter of the first word in a cluster is capitalized to indicate the start of the second word.

ioFanosti zyOcheis – A song of hope

As separate words: iof (the/a) anosti (music/song) zyo (of) cheis (hope)

Like some other languages (Lunaria and Hymmnos), sky language has no verb tenses and adjective indicators.

Alphabet usageEdit

Vowels are written separately as vowels, but combined/merged with consonants when written with them. Capital letters are in bold/larger.

Example SentencesEdit

haNas mieLiEjian. – I am your friend.
haNzeAmiel. – I love you.
luRie orRaSsarr? – Whose eyes are those?
wiXistub xEiEenfes. Don’t kill her imagination.

Lexicon (Dictionary)Edit

Download the PDF here.

Official FontEdit

Download Here