1 shen

Shen Metter (Made in Anime Face Maker)

Shen Metter
is a character from Phantom Brothers, and is the younger brother of Lian Metter. He loves mango and vanilla ice cream, and has a weak personality. He cares for his brother very much.


Full Name: Shen Metter
Nationality: British
Alias: ½ of the Phantom Brothers (ファントム・ブラザーズの1/2)
Age: 12 (in story, chronic), 16 (second half of the story via EVS)
Birthday: November 28, 1996 (Sagittarius)
Height: 5’ (12), 5’8” (16)
Occupation: Former assassin, Ice cream vendor
Hobbies: Playing arcade games
Personality: Sensitive
Related Characters: Lian Metter (brother)
Story: Phantom Brothers

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