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Senphal is the official language of Senphal, a planet in the next Solar System. Based from Chinese. It is Kazaki's third original language.

There are two scripts for Senphal:

  • Magic Script (a.k.a. 101 Script or Bylvin lit. “magic language”) – symbols used commonly for Senphal Magic, but also used in communication.
  • Senphal Script (Senphalvin lit. “light planet language”) used in communication.

Magic ScriptEdit

The 101 script is also used for transcribing and encrypting English or foreign words. The encrypter just have to find a similar sound from the list to the word to encrypt it.


Senphal Magic Script.

Microsoft – MU AI CRES AL PH
Lucena – LU SEN AL
Filipino – PHI LU IE PHI NO

Senphal names are based from 101 symbols.
Vakkir – meaning “left flight”
Ulxe – meaning “computer memory”

Senphal 101 Script MeaningsEdit

AB  blood
ACK  neutral, numb, return to normal
AI  heal, life
AL  light, sparkle
AS  increase, add
ATT positive, yes, front
BA  decrease, remove
BAN  confusion, chaos
BEL  ears, sound, voice, speak
BUN  lust, temptation, charisma
CAM  square
CHI  birds, set free
CIDɜ  stop, insects
CIE  sky, heaven
CL  cloud
CLAD  open, turn on
CRES moon, aliens
DA  go, run, move
DIR  electricity
DO  close, turn off, stop
DON  descend, fall
DUK  thunder, lightning
EI   ladder
EL  fire, hell
EN house
FIR dance, sight, eyes
FLEO  wind, wings, flight, airplanes
FRUD  happiness, glass
GLAS  flower, scent, smell
GO  plants, clone
GOW  trees, body
GUR  small, shrink, short
HASK  fish, aquatic animals
HI  rock, hair
HO wrath, anger, expression
HOR  infinite, eternal, always
ICT  love
IE  ice, comet, glacier
IR  song, repeat
ISH temporary
JAB  wood, cards
JAI road, railway
JOU focus
JUF dodge, block
KAN  money, gold
KAZ  celestial, star, galaxy
KID  control
KIR  left, continue
KIZ machine, vehicle, ammo
KL  triangle
KRESʾ  color, shade
KUN smoke, fog
KYUU big, grow, high
LAN sadness, fall, descend, lose
LU 4 elements (fire, wind, water, earth), gather
LET water, beverage
LUD loud, sword
MIN sea, ocean
MU earth, land
MUR hard, this, that
NAM river, change, turn into
NNI rainbow, contract, promise, wish, hope
NO human, person directed to, you
NUNK void, disappear
NYU sun, ball, royalty
OAN appear, exist, creation
OM circle, revolve, balloons
ORT time, space, eyes
PH planet, exit
PHI speed, feet
PID paper, scroll, write
PLU negative, no, back
QUA dream, enter
RA connection, string, tie up
RE darkness, kill, death, shadow
RES food
RIK right, string
RUM soft, that
SEN world, country
SH shadow, imprison, trap
SHU reflect, mirror
SOL illusion, image, mirror, painting
ST self, my, I
SUL door, seal, window, lock
TEILO divinity, God
TEN transparency, invisibility
TIZ musical instruments
UL memory, hypnotism, trance
VAK levitation, flight, ascend
VIN words, message, language
VISH knowledge, wisdom, psyche, mind
WAT hatred, island
XE technology, computer, cellphone
XIDOS dragon
YL attack, energy
YO soul
YUL beauty, trap inside
ZHEN  emotion, heart, feel
ZIK distamce, hands, arms
ZU fear, nightmare, pain

Senphal Script / GrammarEdit


Senphal Alphabet / Bylvin script.

All unreadable consonants can have I in between, therefore I’s are pronounced longer.
All grammar structures are reverse of English. Senphal script uses single letters and if combined, can form different complex words. Also, it has no tense for verbs.

You are my friend. -> a st no.
a means friend/important person, st means I/self, no means you/person directed to

We will have to hide. -> j u st x.
j means hide/keep/secret/inside/truth, u means must/obligation, st means I/self, x means plural/many/all (and therefore can be used with “st” to make “we”)

I believe in miracles. -> b b st.
b can mean miracle/destiny/believe, st means I/self

When seagulls cry. -> firlu minchi n.
firlu means cry (fir means eyes and lu means water), minchi means seagull (min means sea/ocean and chi means bird), n means when/that time/as/during

Senphal Bylvin Letter MeaningsEdit

A friend, important person
B believe, miracle, destiny
C meeting, name, introduction, go see, cross paths
D work, business, do, action, try
E important, precious, dear, special
F request, please, importance, need
G good, fine, allright, condition, still, present, now
H choose, or, select, only
I reason, cause, problem, but, although, theory, if, why, ask
J secret, hide, truth, inside, in
K face, smile, expression
L way, means, how, through
M other people, others, they, who
N when, that time, as, during
O something, what, existence, thing, it
P place, where, city, state, land, to (place/direction), here, there near, around, beside
Q gentleness, calmness, peace, quiet, silence, wait, patience, temper
R envy, anger, insecurity
S virtue, blessed, holy
T vehicle, transportation, for the sake of, object, to (purpose)
U must, obligation, have to
V find, search next
W sick, health, maybe, or
X plural, many, more, number, some, most, addition, and, all, with
Y sympathy, pity
Z order, line, arrangement, like, as

Combinations of Bylvin and Senphalvin Edit

These are written in clusters, unlike the normal way of Senphal writing.

aict – loved one, most important person
a means friend/important person, ict means love

rescres or recie – night, nighttime
res means darkness, cres means moon, cie means sky

New Generation Senphal SymbolsEdit


New Senphal Script.

These are newly-crafted symbols that began usage during the 21st century.

BOU physical, body, part
GEN  science, profession, research
IW business, buy, sell
KOR arrangement, synthesis, cell
LLIEG mineral, vitamins, method
MAKI excitement, penetration, scene
MIS sharp, danger, piece
MYU chemical, poison, betrayal
OLT puzzle, mystery, legend
SHOK shake, crumble, emergency
WE internet, WWW, online, mobile phone
XOR theory, object (n.), proof

Official FontEdit

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