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is the official language of Ravania, a country within United Imaginary Islands. Based from Russian, Greek, and German. It is a hard language to pronounce.

Verb TensesEdit


Ravanian alphabet.

To make a noun into a verb, use:

>> - ztou for the progressive tense (-ing)

>> - uft for the past tense

>> - shaj for the future tense

>> - eti for the command form

>> - jet for an action you want to do

>> - gra for forbidding

>> - afa for pleading

>> - huft for negative

>> - luj for suggestive plural subject

Ex. Ijfaz (Go)

Going – Ijfazztou

Went – Ijfazuft

Will Go - Ijfazshaj

Go! - Ijfazeti!

I want to go - Ijfaz jet (Jet is always written seperately)

Don't go! - Ijfazgraeti! (gra forbids and eti commands)

Please don't go! - Ijfazgraafa!

Not going – Ijfazufthuft

Let's Go - Ijfazluj (Formally - Erst Ijfazluj)

Polite requestsEdit

Please don't go: Rifi ijfazue. (add Rifi and -ue)

When a verb has no suffix, it is automatically present tense.


Add -bru

Road – Schu

Roads – Schubru

Conjunctions/Helping Verbs/OthersEdit

Ne - Is/am/be (can be a verb)

Zx - placed before the direct object

Kch - of (can be also used for possesive nouns)

Fod - or

O - and

Oel - and (bet 2 sentences)

El (beginning with consonant), Fez (beginning with vowel) - The


Positive Adjectives: Add -if

Ex. Beauty – Kruj

Beautiful – Krujif

Negaitive Adjectives: Add -anzt

Ex. Beauty – Kruj

Ugly – Krujanzt


>> - kaz for cute girls

>> - iel for people of high ranks

>> - fruzt for Mr./Mrs./Ms.

>> - ban for cute guys


Add -zut

Beautifully – Krujzut Krujzut

Pronounciation guideEdit

a as in apple

b as in bear

c as in chip

ch as in kite

d as in dog

e as in ever

ezt as in destroy

et as in forget

ek as in wreck

f as in fall

ft as in lift

fz as in fizz

g as in goal

h as in heart

ht as in hit

hn as in hen

hk as in luck

i as in inside

iu as in you

j as in jam

k as in kite

kt as in kitten

kz as in fix

l as in love

m as in money

n as in null

o as in over

ou as in good

p as in pat

r as in race

rz as in forest

s as in site

sh as in fish

sk as in risk

st as in last

t as in take

tou as in tool

th as in they

u as in rude

v as in vice

x as in stacks

y as in year

yz as in parties

z as in zoo

zx as in six

zk as in sick

zt as in set

ue as in wedding

gj as in engage

cht as in pocket

nu as in enumerate

shk as in shocking

jet as in inkjet

fr as in france

q becomes k; w becomes v All consonants can add a semi-silent i as in inside if next is not r or l (optional) – this is to make reading easier.

Pronounciation ExamplesEdit

I accept you. – Koz ne Ezt zx zkette. (KOZ-NE-EST-SIX-SICK-ET-TE)

I believe in you. Koz ne Ezt zx yukefaj. (KOZ-NE-EST-SIX-YU-KE-FAJ)

My ability – Koz kch kylshk (KOZ-KIK-KIL-SHOCK)

You breathed – Ezt ne nugvaouft (EST-NE-NUG-VA-UFT) or OOFT in western reading

It was awful. – Neuft urzijif. (NE-UFT-U-REST-I-JIF) or EE-JEEF in western reading

About I love you and similar phrasesEdit

Scha Snu is a very polite form of You

Examples for "the"Edit

The Gay - El Vaobi El Vaobi

The Angel - Fez'aeriachel

The Apple - Fez'appol

The Heart - El Frozar

Use of neEdit

I was - Koz neuft

I will be - Koz neshaj

I am - Koz neztou

It was – Neuft

It will be – Neshaj

It is / It is happening - Neztou or Ne

Combination VerbsEdit

Koz ne muzkaftar lesk Ezt zx frestirshaj asteferir. - I will continue to love you forever.


January – Serah Rugia Serah Rugia

February – Serah Losti

March – Serah Zxette

April – Serah Freija

May – Serah Zicir

June – Serah Caefresk

July – Serah Sperrila

August – Serah Nugril

September – Serah Zokya

October – Serah Furskit

November – Serah Shkitil

December – Serah Numlesk

How to write date and timeEdit

Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 8:25 PM

Zxetros, 2010.29, Serah Zokya, FK 8:25 (Ravanians sometimes also use 24-hours)

ML – AM, FK – PM, Tros – Day, Serah – Month, Elto – Year

Number Ranking -iirEdit

Third - Aieiir

Number of Times -lijEdit

Thrice – Aielij

Lexicon (Dictionary)Edit

Download the PDF here.

Official FontEdit

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