Ravanian flag.

Ravania is a crescent-shaped country in United Imaginary Islands. It is known for having rare species of flower such as the Roscali (Ravanian White Roses) and Lunarotz (Moon Flowers). It lies west of Enidouka and is also known as it's "twin sibling" country.

General Information


Map of Ravania.

Their national capital is Friesk and their official language is Ravanian. They are also a part of United Imaginary Islands (UI2) and the second member.

Administrative Divisions

  1. Friesk lake ravania

    The "Swirling Lake" near Friesk.

    • Zxei City [Capital]
    • Mebushkfank
    • Nushktounan
  2. Orkifanzhken
    • Afruken [Capital]
    • Kzanushk
    • Xefekst
  3. Nurkishkanva
    • Queskfen City [Capital]
    • Ztefan
    • Zkift
    • Orshkime
  4. Reshkavaban
    • Friesk [National Capital]
    • Iumazuree
    • Chuftak
    • Gefnashk
  5. Dordfushkmin
    • Toukzaft
    • Ueyzfan
    • Zoaxaezt
    • Stiffanht
  6. Mimizafukshensk
    • Ekfzenjee City [Capital]
    • Huektanou
    • Gjembourk

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