Naoko "Debug" Asahi is a character from Diary of Debug.


She is the smartest of CCB and the youngest member. Many members like Execute and Method get jealous of her, and so they killed her. Her left ear was cut off, she received a slash below her neck, and she was tied to a chair, and pushed to the wall where there was a large sword that struck her body. Upon being a Zeryte, she did the same to her killers, but aside from that, she asked a certain Kurumi Murasaki (the one from Inochinureta) to grant her immortality so she could unite the group once again.

As she becomes a Murasaki Immortal, she also gained the shape-shifting ability (like other immortals) and transforms into an older alter-ego known as “Time Traveler”. As her other alias implies, she is also skilled in the art of time traveling.


Full Name: Naoko Asahi (朝日直子)
Nationality: Canadian, raised in Japan
Alias: Debug (デバッグ), Time-Traveler (タイム・トラバラー/時間旅行者), Naoko Sigreto (ナオコ・シグレット) (name with real surname)
Age: 15
Birthday: August 21, 1996 (Leo)
Height: 5’1”
Course: AB Multimedia Arts (Kaizen University)
Race: Zeryte, Murasaki Immortal, Time-Traveler
Powers: ZSP, Data Space Hack, M-I, Time-Traveling
Favorite Color: Yellow
Greatest Dream: To be a seiyuu (voice actress)
Hobbies: Watching animé, composing songs, drawing & sketching, designing
Personality: Cheerful
Past Reincarnation Information: Joan of Arc (ジャンヌダルク), England vs. France Era, France; Madoka (円香), Three Goddess’ Era, Ancient Japan
Related Characters: Rachela (mother), Helbe (father), Klas (uncle), Vinci (crush turned boyfriend), Mato (best friend), Miki (best friend)
Story: Diary of Debug, Diary of Error, Truth and Unification