Muji "Null" Noritaka is the main antagonist of Diary of Broken. He is Broken's murderer, and plotted to steal Format away from him. He has a rather complex personality and only some people can read through him. He is also the senior of the group (CCB).

About his Nationality

Null is actually half-American half-Korean. He (and his siblings) killed their parents (who abused them) and ran off on their separate ways. He then got to Japan and again encountered the same kind of parents, whom he killed again and became alone. They eventually reunited in Truth and Unification.


Full Name: Muji Noritaka (憲孝無地)
Nationality: Japanese (originally Korean)
Alias: Null (ヌル), Nang Myung Ki (낭뮹기) (original Korean Name)
Age: 24
Birthday: November 11, 1987 (Scorpio)
Height: 6’2”
Course: BS Computer Engineering (Kaizen University)
Race: Zeryte, Hexa-manipulator
Powers: ZSP, Data Space Hack, Hexacode Control (and creator of it)
Favorite Color: Black
Other Talents: Great Sword Techniques, Good English Accent (despite being Japanese)
Favorite Singers: Gackt, Sekihan, Hyde, Visual Kei Bands
Hobbies: Net Surfing, Programming, Watching Sci-Fi movies
Personality: Weird
Past Reincarnation Information: Ir Itttrec, Loic; Icnoyotl (イクノヨトル), Aztec Era, South America; Moto (原) [Soul Fragment], Three Goddess’ Era, Ancient Japan
Related Characters: Hibiki (best friend and the one he killed), Risa (girlfriend), Mato (ex-girlfriend in time-space without Miki’s data alteration) Min Ji (spirit sister), Mun Hi (spirit brother), Kame (GS trainor)
Story: Diary of Broken, Diary of Debug, Diary of Error, Truth and Unification, Loic Descent: Prologue