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Moon Angel
is a fantasy story by Kazaki. Set in a futuristic Earth where almost every person has magic powers and abilities, the story tells of the adventures of a young girl named Shigarume Misaka and her encounter with Aricada Rasmus, a Moon Angel who fell down to Earth by mistake. She joins Eluda Mari and other colorful characters in restoring Aricada's powers by finding the four sacred jewels, and at the same time, combatting against the dark entities known as shadows.

First Arc: The FallEdit

Moon Angel Flash Animation

Moon Angel Flash Animation

Flash Animation / Trailer for the First Arc.

The first arc mainly focuses on Shigarume's adventures with Aricada, Eluda and the rest of the team. They face many shadows until they finish their mission.

Second Arc: The AscentEdit

Shigarume and Eluda by kazaki03

Artwork featuring Shigarume and Eluda.

Set 7 years after the first arc, this focuses on Shigarume and Eluda reuniting after their separatin in the first arc. Events mostly take place in the Moon, where Aricada and the Royal Moon Angels live.


Exclusive TermsEdit