The Moon.

The Moon is a place in the story Moon Angel, and is the home town of the Moon Angels. Residents there are called Lunians.


When the Divina Arcelis started a race of Moon Angels, the Moon has become their permanent home, away from being bashed and stoned by jealous humans.


Welcome to Paradise by kazaki03

Shigarume and Eluda at some fields in Roika.

Unlike the moon of the present time, the moon of this era has oxygen and a special atmosphere that is quite different from Earth, making it slightly difficult for normal humans to breathe fresh air.


All districts have three seasons: winter, summer/spring and windy season.


Majority of moon inhibitants are Moon Angels who speak Lunaria. However, there are also fake or illegitimate angels who have been synthetically powered by artificial human magic, and they speak Tarkaflia. These two races also use their language in chanting spells. English is spoken too, but only towards Earth visitors, which is rare.

Trade and CommerceEdit

The most common form of business is alchemy and magic trade. As Moon Angels use their powers for everyday life, they can also be depleted in some way, so a recharge of magic is necessary.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

  • Luna (Major District)

    Eldus, a city in Luna.

    • Roika
    • Eldus City
    • Navi Luna City
    • Lefus
  • Tarka
    • Mika
    • Sarka
  • Melitus
    • Tafori
    • Alluta

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