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Lunaria is the official language of the Moon. Based from Hymmnos. It was used by most of the characters from Kazaki's original story, Moon Angel.

Lunarian Alphabet.

Unlike most alphabets, Lunaria has a limited source of letters. Some letters are used instead, such as:
  • B -> V
  • C -> S or K
  • G -> K or Z
  • J -> Z
  • P -> V
  • W -> U

Lunaria has no helping verbs, no verb tenses and no adjective identifiers. It directly follows English grammar. Just have fun and express!

Example sentences:

UA IA MIA. – You are my hope.
IA ILIA LIS LORUS. - I wish for a world of light.
DYOA NIMSI YA. – God will guide us.
IA UALAIA KES LIONZA. – I pray for the people.
A IKS RIMZEA LUNA. – In this holy moon.
FEHES FOK. – Come here.
UA HAZA ZI? – Will you forgive everything?
YA TIMIA LORUS. – We’re from separate worlds.

Lexicon Edit

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Official FontEdit

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