Cover Art, also drawn by Kazaki herself.

Lost Utopia Presents: Deception -Sarila Spershei- (Deception -The Star of Hope-) is an EP made by Kazaki, as a part of the Lost Utopia Series.

In the year 2791 A.D., the Earth is now divided into many new countries. One of them is Alpheria, divided into zones. The Albeteron are humanoid space aliens that despise and attack Alpheria using giant toxic waves, nearly killing everyone in the country. Amidst the crisis, Lt. Rexie, a Special Force Officer in Zone 59A-D, survives the attacks and rescues a mysterious little girl named Lilian. What will become of their fate against the Albeteron?

Total Time: 12:51
All Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement and Vocals: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra
Language Used: Alpherian

Track ListEdit

  1. Crossfade Demo Lost Utopia Presents Deception -Sarila Spershei-05:18

    Crossfade Demo Lost Utopia Presents Deception -Sarila Spershei-

    Crossfade demo.

  2. Saviafer Triche Lariseweil (Saved by a Sad Lullaby)
  3. Obseraquis (Deception)
  4. Spesarishei Ultersa (Spesari's Song)
  5. Familare (Family)

Listen to the AlbumEdit

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