Original artwork for Keuze.

Keuze Baukyuu is a character from the story Salafiu by Kazaki, currently unreleased. He is best described as a masseur and therapist in North Enidouka and is a permanent EVS user.

Appearance Edit

Keuze has green hair and eyes and a seductive, tall build and deep voice. He usually wears white clothes but he appears mostly shirtless when he is at home.

Backstory Edit

Born and raised by a masseur father, a drunkard/gambler mother and a happy-go-lucky homosexual elder brother, Keuze grew up in a sinful environment, not experiencing the perks of being a child. He learned of the secrets of the flesh at an early age, which led to his psychotic tendencies. His family died in a car crash, thus orphaning him.

Wanting to be a dominant person that he is, Keuze stole EVS potions from a local facility, drank it and shaped his body into a lean, muscular and seductive bachelor. He currently runs his father's massage and therapy shop up in the mountains near a town in North Enidouka.

Encounter with Kiuya Edit

Upon his first return to downtown as a newfound adult, Keuze stumbles upon a ghost named Kiuya, an EVS victim who committed suicide because he "didn't want to be an adult". Curious about his backstory and moved by charm, Keuze let Kiuya stay in his house up in the mountains. Ever since Kiuya came into his life, something in Keuze's deepest inner child self had been slowly awakened.

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