1 karujin

Karujin Makoto (Made in Anime Face Maker)

Karujin Makoto a.k.a. Sillhouete Boy is a character from MY_GAME.COM.

Character DescriptionEdit

He is a strange dark boy who can transform himself into a shadow or silhouette of someone, and also has the ability to manipulate shadows and silhouettes. His real nationality is unknown.

Later on, it is revealed that he is the shadow of a boy who had an accident years ago. He was treated as his imaginary friend and eventually became a separate entity from him, as Silhouette Boy. They got separated after the accident, and his whereabouts were unknown.

Role in MY_GAME.COMEdit


Silhouette Boy (done in MS Paint)

He joins the tournament in memory of his partner, hoping that they would meet again someday. His favorite games in the tournament are 100-Meter Dash, Fighting Battle and Chess.

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