Inochinureta (いのちぬれた, Bloodstained Life) is a story from the M-Series. There are two timelines here: the 1900's and the year 2009. It centers around the Murasaki Immortals, and how they have influenced history.

Prologue (1900's)Edit


Cover art for the first arc.

There were Three Goddesses that were a legend in Ancient Japan: Kurumi Murasaki (Immortality Goddess), Ena (Time-Travelling Goddess) and Uriya (Data Manipulation Goddess). Two brothers, Aji and Moto both fell in love with Ena, one of the Three, which led to a disaster, followed by a curse.

Story of the First ArcEdit

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Main Story (2009)Edit


Cover for second arc.

Minako Harukata was making her way to her first Senior High day, when she bumps into a weird-looking new guy named Eiji Murakata, who happens to be her classmate as well. Things take a turn around when she finds out that her parents (a government official and a CEO of a company) were killed and Eiji was there as the suspect. What's really interesting is that Eiji is revealed to be an immortal as his wound magically healed when Minako stabbed him.

Story of the Second ArcEdit

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