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Hibiki "Broken" Kurobu (Made in Anime Face Maker)

Hibiki "Broken" Kurobu
is the main character of the story (and EP) Diary of Broken. He is also seen in succeeding stories, Diary of Debug, Diary of Error and Truth and Unification.


In Diary of Broken, he is a graduating college student in Kaizen University, of BS Information Technology. He makes a dark deal with his best friend Muji "Null" Noritaka to make sure that his girlfriend, Mato "Format" Shimizu doesn't fall into the hands of the best friend who betrayed him. Broken dies horribly, with a stab on his heart, his right arm cut, his mouth peeled off, and a stab in his left eye ultimately killing him. It was all part of Null's secret plan, which is somewhat unexplained.

After his death, he avenges Format in Zeryte form, killing his other executioners, Exit and Code. Unfortunately, a twist in the story occurs, making his reality twisted.



Broken as he appears in the EP (close-up).

He is sensitive, kind, yet psychotic when it comes to some tragic things. He is also extremely emotional. Before he died, he was afraid of bloody things and sharp knives. But he had overcomed that fear and became obsessed with killing and looking at his bloody face. However, from time to time, he feels guilty about what he does, as he is still a faithful Roman Catholic. He says that he just needs support from his friends.

About his NationalityEdit

Broken and his sister Miki actually have a Polish father, who settled in Japan as an orphan and was adopted by a Japanese family. This is why both of them have blue eyes.



Broken's bloody Zeryte form.

Full Name:
Hibiki Kurobu (黒部日比生)
Nationality: Japanese
Alias: Broken (ブロークン), Koware-sama (コワレさま) (sometimes by Poko), Hibiki Gwozdek (ヒビキ・グオズデック) (from his father’s original Polish surname)
Age: 21 (reality altered by Miki), 9 (actual reality)
Birthday: July 21, 1990 (Miki’s reality), July 21, 2003 (actual reality) (Cancer)
Height: 5’7 ½” (21), 4’11” (9)
Course: BS Information Technology (Kaizen University)
Race: Zeryte, Semi Creator (Poko/Hideki is his IM)
Powers: ZSP, Data Space Hack, BK-Vision
Favorite Colors: Blue and Black, Sometimes Red
Special Features: Has a Data Hack Revert-EVS, in his revert form, his ‘brother’ Poko transforms into his black wings and forms a reality barrier
Other Talents: Great Sword Techniques
Hobbies: Looking at himself in the mirror (in zeryte form), Drawing & Sketching, Web Programming, Listening to music (Hardcore or acoustic), being with Poko, Playing PSP, Watching horror movies
Favorite Food: Black Coffee, Sushi
Personality: Sensitive
Past Reincarnation Information: Kohaku (琥珀), 8 years old, Three Goddess’ Era, Ancient Japan; Juan Miguel Gomez, 22 years old, Philippine-Spanish Era
Related Characters: Aji (in his past reincarnation, he was a wounded boy whom Aji took care of), Mato (girlfriend), Muji (best friend and killer), Miki (sister), Hideki/Poko (favorite black teddy bear turned into his brother via Miki’s powers), Kame (GS trainor)
Story: Diary of Broken, Diary of Debug, Diary of Error, Truth and Unification

Songs in which Broken singsEdit


Diary foo

Broken as he appears in the EP.

  • Broken was based from a painting that Kazaki saw in an art exhibit at their university.
  • There was a completely different version of Broken's background story before this one. Kazaki plans to make the story available in the future as "Diary of Broken: Beta Version".
  • Broken is the first male character Kazaki has ever portrayed the voice of in a song/EP. His voice is described as "a middle-aged teenager with a sad yet kind voice, which can become violent when he's psychotic".
  • He is also the first character by Kazaki to have an official Facebook page, which you can check out here.
  • He also has a Shimeji (desktop buddy) which you can download here.

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