Exponential copy

Cover Art.

Inspired by the sound packs of the 90’s, Exponential (≡ЖρθЛЁй⊤Ї⊼˩) is an electronic EP by Kazaki that uses a variety of samples and styles to create a different atmosphere. Some parts here can be heard from most rhythm games from the said era. It is also known as her “message” EP.

Total Time: 12:33
All Composition/Arrangement: Kristel “Kazaki” Cuadra
Special Thanks: Masterbits Add Lips Sample Pack and Google.

Track ListEdit

  1. ₧Ħŕ4ςΣБЮ0ķ (Phrasebook)
    Crossfade Demo Exponential Electronic EP03:29

    Crossfade Demo Exponential Electronic EP

    Crossfade demo.

  2. ŠķỲΓΐПЗ (Skyline)
  3. ЁπĐ ∫όόρ (End Loop)
  4. ㄏョㄷㄚㄷㄱ㉫ (Recycle)
  5. ɴɵ ʀ☰♈☋⌈⊓ (No Return)

Listen to the AlbumEdit


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