Enidoukan flag.

Enidouka, also known as the Sun Islands (Aracela) or Mystic Islands (Hijecela), a part of United Imaginary Islands and located in the Pacific Ocean, is home to the native Enidoukans, who are the official residents of this country. They are a group of people with different races, especially Asian.



Map of Enidouka.

Although they reside in this country, people whose existence haven't been proved in the real world, also live here. Inhabitants also include mythical creatures, characters from various TV shows, magazines, comics, superheroes, fairies, elves, and the like.

The islands had a great history that was never known to the outside world, and was never discovered by European conquerors at all, not until the early Enidoukans opened up portals to the "outside world".

General Information

The national capital of the country is Xian Game City. Their official language is Enidoukan and their currency is E-Dollar or E-Dora (equivalent to 30 PHP or 0.57 USD).

They are also a part of the United Imaginary Islands (UI2) and the very first country member. And because of that, they are also the "president country" of the union/continent. Also a notable fact that the naming culture of the Enidoukans is slightly influenced by German and Japanese languages.


Enidouka, along with Ravania, started out as small islands busting forth from the Pacific Ocean. Their earliest language was called Yontzu, which was derived from the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana. The first states there were known as Houra and Kasaguru.

Dawn of Kasaguru

Kasaguru was one of the earliest communities in Enidouka. The country and the community was mostly filled with magic societies, wizards, traders, adventurers, and the like. Agiri Miena was the first known Queen of the state. Under her reign, Kasaguru started as a smooth community by becoming the first trade center in the country. Queen Agiri was guarded by three loyal servants, Tsuya Kyozo, the Millitary Defense Captain, Chernii Sagaro, the Magic Resources Secretary, and Meiya Miena (her younger sister), the Spokeswoman of the State.

Battle of Houra

Years after Kasaguru become a state overflowing in trade and commerce, they were engaged in a war with neighbouring state Houra. People of Houra won the battle, and forced Kasaguru people to be sent to their land to work as slaves. The earliest known forms of EVS was recorded in this era (in magic form), and was used to capture children, turn them into adults, and be used for either slavery or prostitution. Some are, however, used as knights and warriors, and some even rose to the ranks of the Houra monarchy.

But thanks to the team of Sandra Vuniomich (a Kasaguru girl who is actually the older sister of Queen Helen, the current Queen of Houra) and Heron (a Kasaguru warrior who was also a victim of EVS and came to avenge his parents' death), they were able to uplift the Kasaguru people and start a war with the Houra people.

In the midst of the battle, Queen Helen seem to have had a change of heart and surrendered the battle. She then makes a pact with the incumbent Queen of Kasaguru, Era Mirisana, to create a kingdom that will be known as Enika, which litterally means "a new era" in Ancient Enidoukan.

Kingdom of Enika

Enika the kingdom of justice by kazaki03

Famous figures from Enika. Clockwise starting from left: Commander Weza Sun, Ormus Leader, Two knights of Enika & Ormus, Queen Kiena Zu (Enika).

Enika is a medieval-style kingdom. It still retained the monarchy style of Kasaguru and Houra, and became the instant capital of the country. The most notable Queen there was Queen Kiena Zu, despite the fact that she is also of German descent, as in that era, the first portal to "the outside world" was opened, and the first visitors were a bunch of German conquistadors. This explains why Enidouka got their German-style naming for some locations and cultural aspects.

Emerging Kingdoms

There were many other kingdoms that have emerged, and one of them was Ormus, which did the same thing as when Houra invaded Kasaguru. But after the breath-taking wars, Ormus also made a pact with Enika and soon, more and more kingdoms and alliances were formed throughout the years and ages. There were about eight powerful kingdoms that reigned during those years.

Okana's Reign and the New Government

The kingdoms soon agreed to unite into one country, under the rule of an Enidoukan heroine named Okana Mitazuki. She used to be a female soldier on the front lines, then rose to the top commanding positions. Eventually, she was chosen because of her great devotion in uniting the kingdoms into one country.

She also suggested that they change their government structure from monarchy to democratic and let the people speak. Okana's Bed is her resting place, which is located somewhere in Baukizen. Devout officials and their descendants, as well as relatives, gather there yearly to commemorate her death and her accomplishments for uniting the country.

Opening of Portals and Airports

Outside world portals have emerged a few years after Okana's death. This opened the country to more visitors, guests, and led them to being discovered even more by outside humans. Airports were also made later on. The airplanes in these airports are special - they can cross the boundaries of outside and inside worlds, just like the portals, at the comfort of an aircraft.

Establishing United Imaginary Islands with Ravania

Around 1990, Enidouka's social and trade relationships with Ravania grew better. Later on, in March 23, 1991, the two countries signed a pact to make the union called "United Imaginary Islands", in which the two of them would be the first two members. It was said to be proposed by an Enidoukan partylist. As of today, many more countries join in the union, such as Sky Country and Viaalara.

Social Issues Today

Because Enidouka is a country filled with people and inhibitants from many different places, their technology is also first-class. However, the EVS magic had been revived in the form of technology as well. While there are positive effects of EVS on some people, there are more negative impacts of it, and it had been a country-wide social issue.

EVS machines had been invented to continue the early ways of prostitution, child abuse, and forced labor. But unlike before, EVS is now semi-illegalized, especially in the Baukizen Region. Also, many countermeasures had been discovered and invented, such as antidotes (imported from Viaalara, usually of high costs), police raids on suspected forced EVS facilities, and teaching children safety measures while walking home or dealing with strangers.

Also, for victims who have survived their tragedies, the government today also offers free counseling and therapy, plus special education to catch up to their years.

Other Languages / Dialects

The Baukizen Region is known to have a wide range of writers of the North Enidoukan alpabet. It shares the same grammar as Standard Enidoukan, but differs in letters.

Administrative Divisions

  1. Enima
    • Xian Game City [National Capital]
    • TJC
    • Hoshi Kami
    • New Konima
    • New Enika
    • Battle City
    • Pyramid District
    • Manga City
    • Omniburg
    • West Shuza
    • Zharcus
    • Naoemi
    • Ravun Koto City
    • Tekuzuki
    • UPA (Urzi Pan Aztec)
    • San Pedro City
    • Diche Shikamaru
    • Santa Rosa
    • Robinson
    • East Shuza
    • Jepari
    • Kin-yo
    • Airport
    • Texico
  2. Baukizen
    • Zhoukai City [Capital]
    • Parumino
    • Zhikai
    • Okana no Zukishi
    • Jukai City
    • Heyaku
  3. Toumanga
    • Denzu [Capital]
    • Denza
    • Squamous
    • Magica
  4. Daurizen
    • Moura [Capital]
    • Yuura Town
    • Jaifu
    • Naturette
  5. Ryoukuzen
    • Mazuki City [Capital]
    • Cra Lera
    • Shengon
    • Eukaran
    • Madre Maestro
    • Kyuumiho
  6. Wazakizen
    • Riune Garda [Capital]
    • Aodeuhre
    • Kzote
    • Suivara
    • Kanomodo
  7. Anza
    • L.S. City [Capital]
    • Sta. Cecilia
    • San Fernando
    • Enta Zhu
    • Airport Main
  8. Shinburg
    • Port Hullenss [Capital]
    • Zumder
    • Schaft Skier
    • Tengorma Vis

Tourist Spots

Enidouka has a lot of beautiful places and sceneries for people and tourists to enjoy. They include the following:

Nature Parks and Shrines


Mt. Diche Shikamaru.

Mount Diche Shikamaru

It is the tallest mountain in Enidouka. It is also known for its purple flowers covering the whole mountain and green plants around its peak.

Taka Darolo Lake

This is the biggest lake in the country. It is a good tourist destination during the summer.

Okana's Bed

This is the resting place of Okana Mitazuki, the well-renowned first president of Enidouka, and the one who made it a nation.

Beach in east shuza-0

A beach in East Shuza.

East Shuza Beaches

There are many beaches in East Shuza due to its proximity to the sea, most of which are still untouched by civilization, which make them good tourist spots.

Sea of Hullenss

It is a great spot for scuba-diving and even surfing.

Triangle pass

Triangle Pass

A portal that links Enidouka and Lost Utopia, and is home to most vacationists in yachts.

Dela Cruz Camping Grounds

A privately-owned camping ground overlooking Yu Sea in Daurizen.

Mt. Hiiku

This is a mysterious mountain in Daurizen that is known to have inhabitants from the spirit world.

Mt cra enidouka

Mt. Cra.

Mr. Cra, Dragon Island (Ryoukuzen)

It is said that most dragons are born in this mountain.

Urban Life, Restaurants and Resorts

24K Mall

It is a mall franchise that is available in many areas of the country. It is known for its golden yellow appearance and expensive (but worth buying for) items.

PM Mall

This is a chain of malls that has open grounds so many local and foreign artists hold concerts here.

Star hotel

Star Hotel

A very famous hotel that has condo units owned by many Enidoukan celebrities.

TJC Tower

The business center of Enidouka, located in Enima.

Arakuwa Chinro Floating Restaurant

A floating restaurant by the sea, located in the south part of Enima.

Riverport Maleiya Resort and Hotel

This is the most famous (and biggest) resort in the country. It even has a 5-star hotel.

Pearl hotel-0

Pearl Hotel

If you'd rather save money, you can go for these hotels, which are available on many locations in the country.

Festivals and Holidays

UI2 2nd festival by kazaki03

UI2 Festival featuring various personalities and characters.

Enidouka has many colorful festivals and holidays, too. Here are some of them:

UI2 Festival

This is held every March 23rd. They usually fly kites and there is a huge blimp that announces the upcoming performers or portions of the event. Hundreds of celebrities and artists come and join in the fun, hold concerts, and go into street parties. Food is also extravagant in this week-long celebration. Ravania also celebrates the date, but in a different way.

Enidouka Festival

It is held every May 7th. This was the day when Okana Mitazuki became the first president of the country and established it as a democratic republic / country. Everyone wears white and women let their hair down. Some even have the traditions of wearing wigs or hair dyes to make the festival look more exciting. Street parties and concerts are also held, as well as a beauty pageant. The celebration goes around two days.

Okana's Memorial

This is held every November 6th. Enidoukans commemorate Okana's death in her death bed, somewhere in Baukizen (North Enidouka). People wear white and dye their hair black (or wear wigs) in this occasion. A high mass led by the Archbishop of the country is held in the afternoon, in the church near the site. Afterwards, mooncakes, vanilla waffles, and other native delicacies are sold outside the church grounds.

Religion and Faith

Christianity is the most common religion in the country. But before that, Enidoukans also used to believe in deities, before outside people taught them of Christianity. Other big religions in the country include Buddhism, Protestant, and Islam. Some Enidoukans from the south also practice Rosteia, a religion in Bellueroia.

Pre-naming Trivia

Before the names of these islands were finalized by Kazaki, they went under simple names. They are the following:

Enima - E-World

Baukizen - Big World / Big Land

Toumanga - Manga / Anime World

Daurizen - Dream World (where dreams take place)

Ryoukuzen - Land of the Dragons

Wazakizen - (a medieval / RPG style island)

Anza - Anonymous / Real World (also where real world people deploy via the airport / portals)

Shinburg - Unknown

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