EVS originally stands for "EVolution System"; a term Kazaki usually uses to refer to age progression, growth or time skip where a person ages magically or by means of technology. The technology / science is commonly found in Enidouka (especially in Baukizen, the northern region), in United Imaginary Islands. It also refers to a character having experienced temporary or permanent sudden aging due to a scientific or magical cause, and in some cases, it may also become their power (switching ages). Most common EVS users / victims are those of ages 5-15. Users can use this as they age normally, until they reach the age they transform into.


The term "EVS" was originally "BLS" and was conceptualized by Kazaki when she first watched a Rocko's Modern Life episode called "A Short Story". "BLS" meant "Big Land Studios", because Rocko landed in a place called Big Land where everyone is a giant, much like in one of the chapters in Gulliver's Travels. "Studios" was from one of the characters who works in an animation studio called "Big Head Studios".

How the Technology / Science Works

According to Enidoukan experts and researchers, EVS magic / technology is said to aim for a person's pituitary gland and making it overproduce a certain hormone that triggers physical growth, in a rapid and abnormal way, in comparison with real-world growth syndromes.

EVS magic


Bau Luca flower.

In EVS magic, they use a substance from Bau Luca, a rare flower that grows in North Enidouka (Baukizen Region) which can affect the pituitary gland and overproduce growth hormones, combining it with solar power.

They use a special rod in which they pour out extracts of Bau Luca and let it stand under the sun around noon for days. Since Enidoukans, by nature, have electromagnetic energy inside them and already know how to manipulate electromagnetic forces in the air, skilled people (especially those above 18) focus their energy, through chanting some words, on the rod and give charge to it.

Enidoukans vocal out their natural electromagnetic power and direct it to the rod. The energy from the rod (focused on the child) will cause the age progression of the receiver.

Modern EVS technology


Modern EVS Machine.

However, in modern EVS technology, scientists do not rely on the natural Enidoukan electromagnetic force, but from machine-generated force, making the process less natural and can have side effects to the victims. For instance, Enidoukan electromagnetic force has a milder approach than machine-generated electricity and force, thus, not causing pain to the receiver.

Modern EVS is usually done with chambers in which children are placed in each one of them, with wires connected to different parts of their bodies. Clothes are removed (except for the undergarments) to keep them from unnecessary static shock, and to prepare of the enlargement of their mass and size. The chambers are controlled by a bunch of computers and machines. When the main switch is pulled after the parameters had been set, the children go into a state of pain (although some machines have painless effects).

Because this method had killed many children-turned-adults in the country, it has been semi-illegalized, especially in Baukizen, where EVS activity is at large. Only government-approved machines (those without the pain) and labs are legal, but they cost more than ordinary machines because experts work hard on putting a lot of electromagnetic force onto these to prevent the painful sensation for the receivers.

Temporary EVS

Some receivers of EVS / age progression may have the opportunity to take it as a gift, because they can still return back to their original child form. This is because when an EVS formula or method contains insufficient amounts of Bau Luca extract or lack of Enidoukan electromagnetic force, the age alteration becomes "shallow". Think of it as writing on a piece of paper only with a pencil, which is easily erasable, compared to using a pen or ink, which is hard to erase.

Bau Luca extracts has two important ingredients: Aruca, which is responsible for the age progression / growth, and Keurica, an ingredient that can "store" a person's complete physical data before he or she gets EVSed. When a Bau Luca extract has more Aruca than Keurica, there is a less chance for the receiver to return back to his or her child form. But when there is more Keurica than Aruca, there is a bigger chance of being a temporary EVS user / receiver, and most likely, his or her EVS state (age) would not be far from his original age (e.g. original age is 10 and EVS age is 13).

EVS Methods

Three (3) types of EVS methods in Enidouka and Ravania:

1. Magic-Driven: EVS caused by magic spells, potions, miracles, etc. No side effects on the user and usually it is destined for the user.

2. Semi-Magic-Driven: EVS caused by both magic and technology, such as portals opened by machines, or chemicals. At the first transformation, when the user transforms back to his/her original age, he/she could feel side effects such as slight bleeding, but this is only for around the first five transformations.

3. Machine-Driven / Forced-EVS: This is caused by a machine that triggers EVS through the use of electricity and technology, and is considered the most painful and unsafe EVS of all, the reason for which it was semi-illegalized in Enidouka and Ravania. The side effects are double of that of the Semi-Magic EVS, and the receiver of the EVS will definitely suffer great pain while inside the machine. Plus, there is also a 50/50 chance of making it alive out of the machine, or if he/she survives, there will always be a side syndrome, such as blindness or even mental disorders.

EVS Cases

There are also two (2) types of EVS cases, which can be caused by any of the above:

1. Temporary - users who were EVS'ed for one particular time and can revert back to their original ages. The most common cases of these are from Magic and Semi-Magic, because they have less side effects. However, switching through ages can also cost energy and strength, so they don't transform unless they really need to.

2. Permanent - users who were EVS'ed for one particular time and cannot revert back to their original ages, as opposed to the temporary ones. Most often, these could be caused by Machine-Driven methods, as well as a sudden time shift or space exploration. Users with these cases are given special education to be able to finish the courses they left behind as a child.

EVS Equipment

There are different kinds of EVS equipment used and currently being used by Enidoukans (and even neighboring countries). These are:

  • Chambers - use electromagnetic surge from normal electricity and Bau Luca extracts. Kids are kept inside chambers without clothes but with enough oxygen.
  • Electromagnetic Lasers - also uses electromagnetic surge and Bau Luca, but a lot more expensive than chambers due to higher concentration of Bau Luca and cost of laser equipment.
  • Hand Lasers - mini-version of electromagnetic lasers for convenience. Battery-operated.
  • Compression Rooms - special rooms in which Bau Luca extracts are sent out with the air for the victims to inhale and absorb in their bodies, causing growth. Much slower process than chambers yet less painful. Usually associated with pornography and pedophilia.
  • Concoctions - special Bau Luca drinks formulated by scientists, and can also be home-made through extracting nectar from Bau Luca flowers and adding other ingredients.

EVS Signs

Here's how to tell normal adults / children apart from EVS victims:

  • Their hands must have semi-exposed veins in either blue or purple-gray color.
  • Their eyes should have much more red veins than an average person.
  • Compared to a normal human's skin and hair, an EVS victim's slightly differ in texture and is unusually warm almost all of the time.
  • Through the use of an age counter bracelet, one can find out a person's true chronic age.
  • Memory lapses due to the erasure of memories by certain Enidoukan facilities can be a sign that a person has been an EVS victim.
  • Child-like behavior, incorporated with any of these.

EVS Magic in Ancient Enidouka

During the early days of Enidouka, EVS was conducted through a ritual that is chanted by a designated person and wielding a rod that releases magic towards the victim/receiver. The system was a way to gain more members of the army and more workers for each kingdom, and was not completely illegal during that time.

The chants that are usually used for the ritual vary in different areas and eras. Here are the most popular ones.

Used in Houra and Kasaguru

Jaharajio jeo, eika ara lekiya, manana woyuruzoka!

Precious child, by the sun's power, turn into an adult!

Used in Enika and Ormus

Ara jeo, Zhai jojonu. Wobauje corika lekiya woyuruzoka!

Child of the sun, you are blessed. Grow up and become this country's power!

Used in East and West Shuza

Ara jeo, jelekiya woyuruzoka, manana woyuruzoka!

Child of the sun, become strong, become an adult!

Used in the 7-Kingdom era

Ara jaharajio jeo, eika asara lekiya, wobauje corika uyuze woyuruzoka!

Precious child of the sun, by the power of the heavens, grow up and become this country's hope!

Well-Known EVS users in Kazaki's World

Hythen Shkoloffet a.k.a. Jack Star - Original age: 10; EVS age: 17; Type: Machine-Driven

He's the lead character of Kazaki's Pokemon Azure/MFD fan fiction (unfinished and unreleased). His main Pokemon is a Wobbuffet. Also, he's the first known Ravanian EVS user and one of the first few who survived a Forced-EVS, but had a strange syndrome called "NigeSoda" syndrome, where he ages a year every two months, therefore making it easier to "achieve" or reach his EVS state, and where a lot of personality problems occur. NigeSoda is a bit similar to Progeria, except that the body ages in puberty instead of deteriorating. Currently, this syndrome had been cured, and Jack was able to return back to his original and chronic age.

Chon Zarukondo - Original age: 11; EVS age: 19; Type: Semi-Magic

Chon is the first contestant in Kazaki's UI2 Talent Center series. His singing style resembles that of T.M. Revolution and his genre is Electronic/Techno. Aside from his musical talent, he has a unique gift of being able to create a hologram of his EVS self (through his mind) and they could sing in duet together. He even took his T-shirt off in his first performance and allowed the hosts to check him as to prove he doesn't have any holograph-producing gadgets. His EVS powers was given to him by a clown-like professor living in the woods of a forest in the southern part of Enidouka, through a chemical that he was forced to drink. Usually, his emotions would cause him to transform into his older self, especially when he's in anger or anxiety. And for a little info, his voice and fashion is quite seductive which gained him tons of fan girls.

Inuza "Dvjeun" Koriguza - Original age: 13; EVS age: 18; Type: Magic-Driven

Dvjeun was based from the electronic artist Bjork, as expressed by her eccentric and chaotic fashion and singing style. Her EVS was inherited from one of her ancestors, as she is from a long line of "chaos people" with black hair and eyes with mixed colors (such as a red left eye and a green right eye) and are able to control the darkness. She started her music underground, until she was discovered by a bunch of mainstream bands there.

Christian Amado - Original age: 10; EVS age: 20; Type: Magic-Driven

The idea of Christian came from Kazaki's Catholic roots; this idea came to her way back in high school, around 2nd year (8th grade, around 2005). But little did Kazaki know that there would be a character on TV named Santino (from May Bukas Pa, 2009) who is almost exactly like Christian! But anyways, Christian's EVS powers came from God himself, so that he could be a missionary in different lands and be a good example to his classmates who are not that good to deal with. In 2012, an ABS-CBN story called Lorenzo's Time starred Zaijian Jaranilla (the same person who played as Santino) as Lorenzo, a boy who has progeria and survives after 30 years due to being frozen. Progeria is the current closest medical condition related to EVS.

Tooru Hagane - Original age: 8; EVS age: 28; Type: Machine-Driven

The current vocalist of their band "Nobiru X", Tooru belongs to a long generation of spell casters from Senphal, a planet in The Second Galaxy. He has a twin sister named Miru, whom he saved from being EVS'ed (and be put to forced slavery) at the cost of losing his own childhood. Instead of a chamber (the one Jack Star was EVS'ed in, and the most common), he was hit by a mega-laser, which made him 28 years old while rescuing his own sister. Tooru and Miru are currently on a mission to return Tooru's childhood appearance, as "being an adult" can interfere with their inborn Senphal spell casting abilities.

Jancha Mikimoto - Original age: 13; EVS age: 20; Type: Yet to be known

It is currently unknown where this half-Enidoukan and half-Japanese J-rock/E-rock singer got her EVS powers. However, she seldomly uses them. A little info though - she was based from Avril Lavigne, and is good friends with Dvjeun.

Tony Panganiban - Original age: 8; EVS age: 16; Type: Magic-Driven

Tony was just a little 2nd grader who got trapped in a space shuttle while having a field trip in NASA (their school looks pretty rich with that kind of field trip). Before he reached the destination planet programmed on the ship (which is Venus), the ship was engulfed in a strange sci-fi like space wind from another dimension. He was able to navigate the ship back to Earth afterwards (with the video screen slightly broken and Tony inside the space suit which he wore before the space wind came), but when he arrived, his classmates and parents were surprised to see him way older than before. Tony was the first Filipino who received a permanent EVS and one of the first to receive the special education for permanent EVS cases. Starting out as a solo Pinoy Alternative singer, he formed a band in 2010 called "Legend of Blue". He is currently about 25 years old.

Oscar (Vladimir Dragunov) – Original age: 10; EVS age: 20; Type: Machine-Driven but with anesthetic

Oscar comes from Kazaki's Tekken fanfiction (unfinished and unreleased), and is the little brother of Sergei Dragunov. He was saved by Yoshimitsu from the JACKs, but wants to enter The King of Iron Fist tournament to save his brother from being assassinated. With this, he gets an EVS treatment from Dr. Boskonovitch, and hopefully enters the tournament with the ideal of saving his brother.

Eluda Mari (Moon Angel) – Original age: 15; EVS age: 22; Type: Magic-Driven

Raised by a professor named Dr. Marethone, Eluda at first had no idea of his superhuman powers, including his EVS. He used this during his adventures with Shigarume and friends on the search for the four sacred jewels. This is one of the powers that attracted Shigarume to him, especially when he uses it to defend her against the enemies.

Hibiki Kurobu (Broken) - Original Age: 9; EVS age (Data-Hacked): 21; Type: Semi-Magic

He is from the story Diary of Broken. His EVS was made as a secret data hack by his (supposedly) older sister, Miki Kurobu, to prepare him for an integration ceremony by the Three Goddesses to purge the world and free it from corrupted souls and data flaws. His memories were also manipulated, thus he did not realize before that he was originally a kid.

Hikage (.hack Fan Fiction) - PC Age: Approx. 10; EPC Avatar Age: Approx. 20; Real World Age: 10

He is an Epitaph's Copy PC from .hack//FATE who can alter his PC design when he merges with his AI Neos. When he transforms to his Epitaphs form, his appearance changes, making him as old as Ovan himself. He was dubbed as "young Ovan", because his PC's design is somehow similar to Ovan's, with little alterations.

Travis Melbourne (The Adventures of Travis and Tracy) - Original Age: 7; Age after the coma: 14

When he was 7, he was put to a coma by his stepbrother Pert Lisbon due to physical abuse. Inside his dream world, he and his older sister were knights in training, and fend off a dragon that killed their parents (the king and the queen). When they finally defeat the dragon (the symbolism of Pert's death in real life), he finally wakes up as a 14-year-old, from a 7-year coma, and reunites with his sister in the real world.

Kitsuba Yoren (Yrklathdon) - Original Age: 12; EVS / Reader Power's Age: 17

He is a Reader from the second chapter of Yrklathdon, and Emella's schoolmate. He helps her go through the challenges within the booklet. And unlike most EVS users, he can transform back and forth very quickly, allowing him to use it as a dodging weapon and technique.