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Dr. Z (Made in Anime Face Maker)

Dr. Z is the main antagonist of Turn A (O2Jam Fanfiction) and Andromeda (O2Jam Fanfiction).

Character DescriptionEdit

He is a space alien who can take human form, and whom Turn A encounters. Later on, he is revealed to be the reincarnation of Mephistopheles, a demon who once cursed Ludwig Van Beethoven and his successors, causing Beethoven Immortals to appear. Ran Zieghart and his team attempt to defeat him completely in Andromeda.

He owns a gang of alien thugs called the Z gang and loves playing with his long hair. Later on, he is revealed to be the Demon who cursed the Maestro and his bloodline, causing the Immortals to suffer. He aims to put an end to all of the Immortals.

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