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Chopnesia is a constructive language made by Kazaki. It was inspired by PewDiePie’s fake language called “Chopnese”. The name is a combination of “Chopnese” and “Amnesia”, as in “Amnesia: Dark Descent”, one of the games that PewDie plays.


The alphabet has limited letters so replacement letters are used for loanwords:


Chopnesia Alphabet.

Replacement Letters: B -> W, J -> Z, K -> G,


A as in apple; E as in egg, I as in igloo, O as in office, U as in urban, AE as in hay, IE as either see or sigh and OU as in own.

C – as in cat (pronounced like s if next to e and i), D as in dog, F as in flame, G as in gamma, H as in hair, L as in long, N as in north, M as in meat, P as in pat, R as in reindeer, S as in snake, T as in top, W as in waltz, Y as in yacht and Z as in zebra.

Basic Words

I – Ches; You – Chep; We – Shepi

Is/Am/Be (person) – pi; Is/Be (inanimate object) – shi; Was (person/object) – shof

I am Kazaki = Ches pi Gazagi.

You are PewDiePie = Chop pi PewDiePie.


My/Mine = Chesp; You/Yours = Chosp; Our/Ours = Shesp;

Kazaki’s = Kazakisp; PewDiePie = PewDiePiesp


Root Word: finopi (dream)

Present tense: finopia (dream/dreaming); da finopia (a dream)

Future tense: finopiuz (will dream); da finopiuz (will be a dream)

Past Tense: finopiof (was dreaming) da finopiof (was a dream)

Negative: finopio (not dreaming); da finopio (not a dream)

Forbidding: fauz finopi! (don’t dream!)


Chopnesia verbs.

Request: phas finopi! (please dream!)

Imperative: finopis! (dream!)

Want to do something:

chesai finopi (I want to dream)

chopai finopi (you want to dream)

shepai (we want to dream)

Stephanoai finopi (Stephano wants to dream)

Suggestive: shep finopi (let’s dream)

Other Verb ExamplesEdit

Do = wyzi/wyzia; Did = Wyziof; Will Do = Wyziuz, etc…

Love = shepi/shepia; Loved = shepiof; Will Love = shepiuz, etc…

Come = caei/caeia; Came = caeiof; Will Come = caeiuz, etc…


Of = om

The = al

A/An = da

Or = ec

And = tos

With = ter

Plural suffix = -z


Rifene = Bright; Rifeno = Not Bright; Rifen = Brightness

Senne = Scary; Senno = Not Scary; Senn = Fear


Rifen (Brightness) -> Rifespa (Brightly)

Senn (Fear) -> Senspa (Scarily, in a scared way)

Numbers and Counting


Chopnesia numbers.

The same as Western, but pronounced as:

1 = ur, 2 = ic, 3 = il, 4 = chi, 5 = cho

6 = ut, 7 = id, 8 = pe, 9 = he, 0 = rou

1,789 = ur-id-pe-he; 230 = ic-il-rou, 19 = ur-he

Decimals are pronounced: 19.9 = ur-he-dut-he


Mr. = Meh; Ms. or Mrs. = Mih

More Helping Verbs

What = Wan

Where = Erp

Who = Hou

Why = Hiw

When = Chip

How = Chot

Here = Och

There = Orch

Over There = Arich


To = Che

From = Pher

For (the sake of) = Shia

In = Ir

Example Sentences


Chopnesia sentences.

Everyone is connected. = Cheipa shi cosfiof.

You are singing. = Chop pi nimsia.

Where is the goat? = Erp shi al gael?

Did you find the key? = Wyziof chop fici al hie?

Answer my question. = Rachis chesp forga.

PewDie and Cry are playing the game together. = PewDie tos Cry pi asweia al aswei mazowy.

Here comes the Brofist! = Och caeia al Wrofist!

Just don’t make a noise. = Ash fauz oncorcopi.

Official Font

Download Here

Songs in Chopnesia

Kazaki also made this song written in Chopnesia:

Original Parchei Chospar (Partners Forever) Chopnese? - LYRIC VIDEO!02:18

Original Parchei Chospar (Partners Forever) Chopnese? - LYRIC VIDEO!

Kazaki ft. Bruno (vocaloid 3) - Parchei Chospar (Partners Forever)

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