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Chon Zarukondo (Made in Anime Face Maker)

Chon Zarukondo is a contestant from UI2 Talent Center. He is an 11-year-old contestant and an EVS user. He is from Baukizen, Enidouka.

As a Contestant / Singer Edit

His singing style resembles that of T.M. Revolution and his genre is Electronic/Techno. Aside from his musical talent, he has a unique gift of being able to create a hologram of his EVS self (through his mind) and they could sing in duet together. He even took his T-shirt off in his first performance and allowed the hosts to check him as to prove he doesn't have any holograph-producing gadgets.

And for a little info, his voice and fashion is quite seductive which gained him tons of fangirls. By the end of the contest, he became in a relationship with fellow contestant Mia Zskaftrid.

EVS / Age Progression Edit


Chon's adult form.

His EVS powers was given to him by a clown-like professor living in the woods of a forest in the southern part of Enidouka, through a chemical that he was forced to drink. Usually, his emotions would cause him to transform into his older self, especially when he's in anger or anxiety.

Post-Talent Center Career Edit

Chon now currently works on various studios as an actor. He is also a pioneer of the "bau idol" genre, a genre of filmography which involves age progression situations, similar to the fashion of Japanese gravure idols.

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