Bellueroian flag.

is a country in United Imaginary Islands. It used to be a lump of land that was formed through underground volcanic erruptions. It is now the third country in UI2.



Map of Bellueroia.

The country has a rich history and religious culture. Ancestors even up to this day worship their dinosaur god named Rol, known to be a "Restesaurus" by Bellueroian scientists that saved the first inhibitants and led them to the shores of the islands. Rol's fossils were kept in a specific part of the country not just as a science exhibit, but also a place of worship.

Some parts of Bellueroian islands, as depicted in Lost Utopia Act 3.

Later on, Rol revealed himself to be a time-traveler from a futuristic country where Atlantis was supposed to be. He was the result of a failed genetic experiment when he was able to transform into a Restesaurus but could not change back. He now watches the islands as a powerful spiritual being who can sometimes take human form.

In a recent interview by the incumbent president of Bellueroia to Rol, the deity revealed that he was from the future country Alpheria.


Bellueroia has a warm and tropical climate because it lies near the equator. There are many resorts, forests, and even deserts.

People and Culture

Lake leos bellueroia

Lake Leos in Bellueroia, which is famous for being heart-shaped.

Residents of Bellueroia enjoy traditions, folklore, storytelling and superstitions. Their major religion is called Rosteia, in which their god is Rol himself. Other religions, like Roman Catholic and Islam are also present in some parts of the contry.


Their official language is Bellueroian, said to be a constructive language made by Rol himself, based from his native language, Alpheria.

Administrative Divisions

  1. Firitol desert bellueroia

    Firitol Desert.

    • Maric [Capital]
    • Felei
    • Fallos
    • Eirima
    • Oaris
    • Owz
  2. Lyra Rol
    • Hall

      Grand Theater in Estera, featuring a Rol apperance.

      Estera [Capital]
    • Vuyita
    • Arosreyal
    • Manturfe Tolco
  3. Reismei
    • Eyol [Capital]
    • Rillifa
    • Taruma
    • Splita
    • Enomca