Cover art featuring Rosieletta Cherliste, the main character of the story.

Before the Red Roses Turn White is a story album by Kazaki. It focuses on the story of Rosieletta Cherliste, an orphaned maid who suddenly enters a mysterious world in the journey of finding her lost family. She has to make it to the end before the red roses that she is given turns to white.

Track ListEdit

  1. Crossfade Demo Before the Red Roses Turn White Classical Ballad03:08

    Crossfade Demo Before the Red Roses Turn White Classical Ballad

    Crossfade demo.

    The Attic of Solitude
  2. A Key Granted
  3. The Glass Forest of Luniettera
  4. Ruely's Wish
  5. The Dark Forest of Odrikattos
  6. Instead of a Thousand Deaths
  7. The Color Forest of Kalorias
  8. Pure Water Against Raging Fire
  9. Saving Regiello
  10. To the Endless Path of Serenity

Listen to the AlbumEdit


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