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Alterian Sky Language
is a separate dialect of the residents of Sky Country. It is somewhat more complex and uses fixed syllables instead of free letters.



Alphabet of AS Language.

Pronunciations go as follows:

sYm = soYEma (I)

fHm = fiHIma (Sing)

Additional characters (dot and slash)Edit

The use of the dot is to limit the character into its consonant form:

hJ.k = hiJke (We)

nN. = naN (Not)

The use of the backslash is to extract the vowel of a character:

\fG = iGI (Is/Are)

\mN\d = aNUo (Self)

Combination of both:

nG.\fL = naGiLO

K.\cz.\vk.\b = Kazaki


Grammar follows directly as English, similar to Sky Language.


Verbs usually end in .r\d (.ruo) .r\d, the dot trimming the last character of the root word.

Sentences and examplesEdit

Since the dot is used for character limitations, the dash is used for the period.

I love you = sYm mrY \nMY (soYEma maruYE aMUYE)

This is love. hR.t \fG mrY (hiRtu iGi maruYE)

I sing a song of love = sYm fHm.r\d pL fHm zZ mrY (soYEma fiHImruo poLO fiHIma zeZO maruYE)

Lexicon (Dictionary)Edit

English Alterian Pronunciation
A/An/The pL poLO
Accept kKsD keKOsoDE
All \rTmn.L aTAmanLO
And lr.l lerle
Answer wSd. wuSEd
Back qX quXO
Beautiful bVr.\t baVUru
Because \yLn. oLOn
Beg bVnLc baVUnaLOca
Beginning bG.Hy baGHIyo
Beloved bNL\Q baNULOA
Beome/Turn Into \fJGk iJIGIke
Bird f.RtY fRAtuYE
Blade bLq baLOqu
Blood bdV badoVU
Blue bHl. baHIl
But yJb yoJIba
Come cB caBU
Destroy dJhK.nS doJIhiKnaSE
Die zD. zeD
Difference yNr yoNUru
Direct Object \QnW AnaWA
Disappear/Vanish pQ.Rt.kZ poQRAtkeZO
Do (for verbs) .r\d .ruo
Dragon dRg.Y doRAgYE
Duty dTy doTAyo
Earth rRt. ruRAt
Eight 8 fen
Eleven 11 onon
End nD. naDEf
Existence xCsT xeCUsoT
Eye Yy.Z YEyZO
Fall fLp. fiLOp
Fate fTr.hg fiTArhigi
Five 5 gi
Flame yGf'\r yoGIfiu
Fly nG.\fL naGiLO
For/In Order/To Be nH. naH
Forever \Y\gN EiNU
Four 4 fo
Fulfil fLfL fiLOfiLO
He jM jiMU
Heart kKr keKOru
Hill hQ.w hiQwu
Hundred 100 megi
I (me) sYm soYEma
In/At zV zeVU
Is/Are/Be/Was/Will \fG iGI
It sT.r soTru
Kill kRtZ keRAtuZO
Knight rKyb ruKOyoba
Know jQxZn. jiQAxeZOn
Land mNYt maNUYEtu
Legendary rHg\rT ruHIgiuTA
Live lVb leVUba
Lost nDf. naDEf
Love mRY maRUYE
Million 1,000,000 geks
Monster mS.tR\x maStuRAe
Much DdF DEdoFI
Must bRg.Jh. baRAgJIh
Negative nN. nAN
Night nJrw naJIruwu
Nine 9 zil
Now hJ hiJI
Of zZ zeZO
Offer \jLtn iLOtuna
One 1 on
Only L\lk Looko
Or cVy caVUyo
Passive Voice …yH …yoHI
Peace fS.c fiSca
Place bP.L\d baPLOo
Possession ('s) \hT iTA
Realize rVwtK ruVUwutuKO
Red rD ruDE
Scene sKd.\d soKOdo
Search gdFn.\r gidoFInu
See sZx soZoxe
Self \mN\d aNUo
Seven 7 fen
She jS jiSO
Shock sHk soHIko
Short-Lived tRs.LnT tuRAsLOnaTA
Silence nYh.G naYEhGI
Sing fHm fiHIma
Six 6 chen
Sky cYL caYELO
So \f\t iu
Soul sLxz soLOxeze
Sword zC.x zeCxe
Take tT tuTA
Tale/Story sT.rY soTruYE
Ten 10 onkro
Terror tYwW.rT tuYEwuWruTA
Thank You mS.tRl.Y maStuRAlYE
That hR.j hiRji
Then tRt. tuRAt
They \nMDd aMUDEdo
This hR.t hiRtu
Those hR.s hiRso
Thousand 1,000 wen
Three 3 er
Tie bNtY baNUtuYE
To/Towards qK quKO
Together hM.k hiMke
Tragedy tT.rDf.g tuTruDEfgi
Travel \tYb uYEba
Twelve 12 ontu
Two 2 tu
Understand rTl ruTAle
Want to kD keDE
We hJ.k hiJke
Weak wtV.K wutuVKO
With (animate) sW soWA
With (inanimate) wW wuWA
Woman jSd.m jiSEdma
World sr.l.B sorlBU
You \nMY aMUYE
Zero 0 kro

Official FontEdit

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